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Let us take the wheel to steer your business in the right direction.


Wheel42 re-architected the existing patient genomic reporting system and moved it to the AWS Cloud, running completely on containers. The architecture was simplified into microservices with many additional features and is fully HIPAA compliant with end-to-end encryption.


Approach entrusted Wheel42 to identify a new platform vendor that could address business growth. Wheel42 vetted several vendors and applied a feature-comparison methodology, complemented with interviews to narrow down alternatives. A new vendor was identified but during the discovery phase, it became clear that improving the existing vendor platform was the best path to move forward.


The client needed to ingest social network video analytics from Facebook, Youtube and Twitter into their video analytics platform. Wheel42 implemented a serverless analytics solution which was received enthusiastically. The solution was implemented using AWS Lambda, S3, DynamoBD, and AWS Kinesis.

Big Data Lake

ioVita aimed to revolutionize the way medical research was conducted. ioVita needed to build a big data platform so that researchers could do data discovery, run data models, and generate data analytics. Wheel42 built a Data Lake for the data platform. Data Lakes using traditional technologies like Hadoop are very expensive, so we built an AWS Serverless Data Lake, a cost-effective alternative.



Serverless computing is the next big thing.

Going serverless eliminates infrastructure, setup and capacity planning from your product cycle. You need to focus only on planning, designing and developing your applications. We bring the technology and business knowledge so that you spend your time and resources on what you do best - providing value for your customers.


  • Zero operations
    Once you orchestrate your resources and you connect them through workflows, the cloud provider does the rest.
  • Infinite scaling
    No more headaches over scaling challenges. Serverless does the auto-scaling for you, without the need for additional virtual machines or app instances.
  • Pay-per-use
    Stop paying for idle time. With serverless, you are only charged when users use your application.


  • Shorter time to market
    Deploy your applications within days rather than weeks. When you go serverless, you scratch the infrastructure component from your to-do list. By focusing exclusively on your product, you significantly shorten the development cycle.
  • Easier pivoting
    Take advantage of increased product flexibility. Serverless solutions allow you to separate your applications into small independent services, giving you the freedom to change course as new insights or ideas arise.
  • Increased efficiency
    Stop paying for idle time. Traditional cloud solutions waste resources because you are paying for idle time – whether your applications are being used or not. Serverless is a game changer, because you only pay for usage.
  • Better management
    Gain more control of your development processes. Building applications as separate, single units offers better project management, facilitates efficient project planning and tracking, fosters team communication, and ensures quality assurance.

End-to-end serverless solutions. Every business is different. Our serverless solutions are tailored to meet your business needs. We listen to you, we analyze your present situation and we only improve only what is necessary.




"From many solutions, we have learned to build the ideal solution."

At Wheel42 we understand what’s at stake when solving tough challenges. We bring industry, technology and business knowledge to help you solve your toughest business challenges and we implement simple, ideal solutions that meet your needs.


Strategy & Assessment
Get all your stakeholder on-board
  • Application readiness assessment
  • Serverless reference architecture
  • Serverless roadmap
  • Serverless capabilities & benefits
  • Serverless economics
  • ROI/TCO Analysis

Serverless Migration
Avoid complexity and simplify your systems by migrating them to a Serverless Cloud Platform
  • Cloud migration
  • Application migration
  • Serverless Assessment
  • Migration roadmap
  • Migration implementation

Big Data & Analytics
Data collection, transformation, storage, and analysis are perfect serverless use cases
  • Analytics pipelines
  • Big data pipelines
  • Data lakes
  • Social network analytics
Development & Design
Build applications and systems using serverless technology and be future ready
  • Mobile, Web, Cross-device
  • UX and graphic design
  • Front-end development
  • Scalable and efficient backends
  • High-performance data stores
  • Cloud orchestration and provisioning

Serverless Security
Keep your application data secured and continuously monitor for compliance
  • PCI
  • NIST
  • GDPR

Serverless IoT
Ready with little or no cost
  • Device Management
  • Analytics
  • Big Data
Product Management
Build a Product Strategy to build the right product for your customers
  • Capture the voice of the customer
  • Business requirement
  • UAT best practices
  • Key KPI definition
  • Executive dashboards
  • App Store publishing best practices

On-Premise Serverless
You don’t need a public cloud to run serverless, you can do it in-house on your servers or private cloud
  • Kubernetes
  • OpenFaaS
  • The Fn project

ServerlessOps and Support
Implement operational readiness and customers support plan to assure your services consistently delight your customers and inspire trust

Let us tackle your digital initiatives together. We use best practices, proven frameworks, and state-of-the-art tools and technologies. Implement your vision, streamline your operations and improve your bottom line: take your business from legacy to leading edge with serverless technology.


Our process

“Creativity is the process of having original ideas that have value.
It is a process; it's not random." - Ken Robinson

Define: We analyze customer pain points to identify the problems keeping you from reaching your goals. Knowing our clients is crucial, because client input drives outstanding output.

Discover: We partner with your team to analyze current operations to identify key processes and procedures.

Solve: We architect a serverless solution that is tailored to your needs and will improve your KPIs, operations and ROI.

Deliver: We ensure a smooth implementation by working collaboratively with internal stakeholders. Thorough testing guarantees a error-free operation upon delivery.

Hand off: We put an operational readiness strategy in place to facilitate a seamless transition. This includes team training, runbooks, and support as needed.

Support: Count on Wheel42 as your trusted partner. Whether we implemented one or multiple solutions, we offer support when and where you need it.


Meet our team

“Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much.”



Serverless cloud solutions you can trust.

With today’s fast changing business dynamics, organizations must meet customer needs in innovative ways and take advantage of new technologies to stay competitive. Businesses that fail to adapt will quickly become obsolete. Wheel42 facilitates your adoption of modern cloud and next-generation serverless infrastructure. With your drive to succeed and our expertise, we prepare your business for the digital future.


Wheel42 helps organization remain agile, innovative and cost-effective in the age of the digital revolution. We accomplish this by providing serverless cloud solutions that are cost-effective, easy to operate, maintainable and bring value to the customer.

Our vision is that through digital transformation organizations can champion their market space. With the right technical partnership and serverless technology, you can meet your goals, grow your business and offer products for the future.



We know that moving to the cloud is a considerable undertaking. Our Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts with deep cloud orchestration knowledge, serverless operations, product development know-how and design expertise will guide you on this journey.

Let us tackle your digital initiatives together. We use best practices, proven frameworks, and state-of-the-art tools and technologies. We help you to implement your vision, streamline operations and improve your bottom line: we take your business from legacy to leading edge with serverless solutions.



Achieve better results faster. Our cloud-based systems are tailored to your business needs. Trust us to steer you through the entire process – from idea to implementation – while sharing unique insights and proven strategies.

Our goal is to make your transition to the cloud a seamless experience with sustainable results:

  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Shorten time-to-market intervals
  • Reduce risks
  • Lower costs
  • Transform your business




"Trust is built with consistency."

We are dedicated to providing professional consulting services with the highest degree of honesty and integrity. Our goal is to add value to your organization so you can realize your vision. Let us help you take the wheel and steer your business in the right direction!

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